CA Administration Goals / Priority Objectives
CA-E District Administrative Priorities
CBA/CBC Qualifications of Superintendent / Superintendent Powers and Responsibilities
CBB Recruitment of Superintendent
CBD Superintendent’s Contract
CBD-E Superintendent’s Contract
CBE Superintendent’s Salary, Compensation and Benefits
CBF Superintendent’s Conduct
CBFA-E Superintendent’s Ethics
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CBI-R Superintendent Evaluation Tool
CC Administrative Organization
CC-R Management Team
CCA Chain of Command
CCB Line and Staff Relations
CE Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and Committees
CF School Building Administration
CFB Evaluation of Principals/Building Administrators
CFB-R Evaluation of Principals/Building Administrators
CFB-E Building Principal Evaluation
CFBA Evaluation of Evaluators
CH Policy Implementation
CHA Development of Regulations
CHB Board Review of Regulations
CHC Regulations Communication
CHCA Handbooks and Directives
CHD Administration in the Absence of Policy
CK Administrative Consultants

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