School Safety

All building doors will be locked at 7:55 a.m. To enter the building after 7:55, all visitors are required to come in at the main entrance. Before entering a building, visitors must buzz the office by using the button outside the school on the box to the right of the doors. As visitors approach the building and use the button, school personnel will ask each visitor to:

  • Look at the camera (removing hoods and glasses)
  • Identify themselves over the speaker
  • State their need or reason for entering the building
  • Tell how many people are in their party
  • All members of the party must look into the camera before being approved to enter.
  • Once entering the building, all members of the party must check in and sign in at the office.
  • Visitors should also sign out when exiting the building.

At the end of the school day, none of the doors will be open; the administrative assistants will be available to respond at the entrance until 3:45. After that time, if an individual has a meeting in the district office, or with any middle school staff members, the staff member must meet the individual at a door and assist them in entering the building.

If you find a locked door as you attempt to enter the building, please do not motion for a student inside the building to open the door. Only staff members are to open the door for a visitor.

Do not attempt to enter the gym after school as coaches will be the only individuals allowed to enter on the east side of the building at that time of day.

When there is a sporting event at BMS or BHS the doors will be open as in the past.

During City League practices at 6:00 p.m., coaches will watch the door to let their athletes in for a few minutes at the beginning of practice. The door will not be left open, or propped open.

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