Our apologies, but due to the weather the Mock Crash has been CANCELLED

Hello Parents!

On Wednesday, April 26th BHS students will be transported to the Fair Grounds to attend a Mock Crash simulation from 10 am until noon.  All students attending the event must ride the bus to and from the Fair Grounds.  This event is hosted by the Kit Carson County Sheriff’s Department and is intended to help students see what can happen in a split second if rules of the road are disregarded and the potential consequences of those choices.

Please click on the link below for your child(ren) to opt out.  Because this is a school wide event, all students who opt out must be picked up if they are not able to drive themselves home. We will not have staff in the building to supervise those students who parents opt out of the event.

You will need to include your full name, the name of your student, and you are opting your student out and understand that they will need to be picked up at the high school when buses depart for the Fair Grounds around 9:30 am.  The event will end around noon and students will be transported back to the high school and released for lunch.  We may have to adjust the scheduled lunch time frame. Opt out students should return to school for their afternoon classes.


Many Blessings,

Christy Graham

BHS Principal


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