Parents: Please read the following message for important Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) testing information.

CMAS at BMS will begin on Monday, March 27th. Testing at BES will begin on Tuesday, April 12th. If you plan to excuse your student from testing this year, please sign the form and return to your child’s school prior to testing. The form can be accessed by the links to the right under Downloadable Forms.

Please note that this form is the only acceptable way to excuse your student from testing. Phone calls, emails, verbal communication, notes, etc. cannot be accepted. Thank you.


Padres: Lea el siguiente mensaje para obtener información importante sobre los exámenes de Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS).

CMAS en BMS comenzará el lunes 28 de marzo. Los exámenes en BES comenzarán el martes 12 de abril. Si planea excusar a su estudiante del examen este año, firme el formulario y devuélvalo a la escuela de su hijo antes del examen. Puede acceder al formulario haciendo clic en este enlace: o se pueden recoger en las oficinas de la escuela.

En la evaluación, también puede ver el calendario completo de exámenes de la escuela de su hijo.

Tenga en cuenta que este formulario es la única forma aceptable de excusar a su estudiante de la prueba. No se aceptarán llamadas telefónicas, correos electrónicos, comunicaciones verbales, notas, etc. Gracias.



Excusing Students from State Assessments

To excuse your student from state assessments, please print out and complete the “Parent Form to Excuse Student from CMAS” and submit a signed copy to your school’s front office at least two weeks prior to state testing begins:

English Form

Spanish Form


Colorado Revised Statute 22-7-409 requires schools to administer statewide assessments to all students in grades 3-11 in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. In accordance with House Bill 15-1323, PSD has implemented a policy for a parent to excuse his or her student from state assessments. The state assessments that fall under this policy are:


  • CMAS and CoAlt English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
  • The 9th and 10th grade preparatory exam
  • The 11th grade college entrance exam


When a parent chooses to excuse a student from state assessments, BSD will not impose negative consequences on the student or parent. During testing, the student who has been excused will be supervised in a safe environment where he or she may read or work quietly on school assignments. Alternative lessons or instruction will not be available to students excused from state assessments. As a parent, you may choose to keep your child home during testing. Absences will be excused.

The state assessment system, Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), is designed to measure student mastery of the Colorado’s academic content standards. Colorado’s academic content standards indicate skills and knowledge necessary to prepare students for success from early school readiness to post-secondary competencies, reflective of both workforce readiness and 21st century skills. Student progress toward these outcomes is measured through CMAS, which provides information to teachers as they incorporate the content standards in their daily instruction. CMAS results are also used for school and district accountability.

If your student is excused from testing, you will not receive results of his or her achievement and growth as measured by CMAS. Educators use CMAS results for instructional planning, class placement, and academic screening, and this information will not be available to your student’s educators.



The English language proficiency exam (ACCESS for ELLs) is not included in this policy. Also not included are READ Act and School Readiness assessments. Currently, state and federal requirements around testing and parent refusals are not fully aligned. The federal 95 percent participation requirements are still an expectation of federal law.

Downloadable Forms

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